Red Ventures

Over the last twenty years, Red Ventures has built a portfolio of influential brands, digital platforms, and strategic partnerships that work together to connect millions of people with expert advice. Founded in 2000, Red Ventures spans five continents, employs more than 3,500 people and owns and operates several large digital brands.

The partnership with Modulex and Red Ventures has spanned over eight years throughout the US and Puerto Rico. Modulex has supported Red Ventures through design collaboration on their growing campuses in the Carolinas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas and other national offices.
Our team created all the interior, exterior, parking deck, apartments, interior wall graphics, and branded elements.

Also in scope was completing the exterior signage for Redstone and the Court at Red Stone which is employee resident apartments on the Red Ventures campus.

Red Ventures has a very creative and fun team of people. They created all interior graphics and played a part in the installation. The collaboration with the contractor was positive.
Overall, this project was fun, and the results were gratifying.

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